Casa Serena

This highly rewarding project conveys many of Avalos Arquitectos y Asociados, S.C. ideas, theories, principles, and convictions. A pleasant experience, it nevertheless faced challenges that put the project at risk of never coming to fruition. The concept for this house had already been used in projects that never materialized. Initially designed for a Canadian couple, the construction was canceled due to personal reasons. AAA was able to promote the sale of the property and to get the new owner to hire us to carry out the same project with slight adjustments in two of the bedrooms, which were redesigned as a home office. The house in on an unusual triangular property with the hypotenuse opened to a secluded beach with views of the Sea of Cortez coast. A highly elegant and original residence, it features palm roofs in the main living area, dining room, and Master and Junior Suites that impart a tropical character to the complex.


Location Cabo San Lucas, México
Sq Footage 18,561
Construction Period 2004 - 2005